The Wedding

The Couple

The Wedding

The Wedding

How beautiful is the day that is touched by love Requesting the honour of your presence at the Traditional Marriage between

Fawziyat Salawu

Wasiu Ramoni

Thursday . Aug . 1 . 2019 at 3 : 00 pm

Ogbomoso South LG Hall
Central Hall

Let's wrap our best wishes and shower the bride and groom with love! We're throwing a Reception for

Fawziyat Salawu

Wasiu Ramoni

Saturday . Aug . 3 . 2019 at 11 :00 am

DeVenue Event Center
Opp. St. Ferdinand Grammar School, Ogbomoso

The Wedding

Our Engagement

Our engagement ceremony will begin at 3:00pm on Aug 1sh 2019 at Ogbomoso South LG Hall

Ogbomoso South

Central Hall

Driving Directions

From Lautech:

Head southwest on Ogbomosho Rd/Ogbomoso-Ilorin Rd/A1 toward Anglican Church St.

From Ogbomoso High School:

Head northeast on Oyo - Ogbomoso Road/A1 toward Methodist Street.

Turn right at Oyo State Road Maintenance Zonal Office

From Aarada:

An-nur Academy, Arada Market, Ogbomoso.

Head northwest

Turn right toward Ogbomoso-Osogbo Road

The Wedding

The Reception (Devenue Event center)

The Reception will start immediately at 11:00am on Aug 3rd 2019 is Devenue Event Center

DeVenue Event Center

Driving Directions

From the Takie:

Head southeast on Alamu St toward Oyo - Ogbomoso Road/A1

Turn left onto Oyo - Ogbomoso Road/A1

At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto Kings Road/Ogbomoso-Igbeti Rd/Ogbomoso - Ikoyi Rd

Takie Garage

The Wedding


The groomsmen do have some duties to fulfill when it comes to planning the wedding I'm thankful that all my men are super-ready for responsibilities.

Adegoke Adewale Alex

The Best Man

I have known Wale right from extra-mural classes during secondary school days. He is my best friend in the world. We grew up without playing football.

Oyegoke Tunde Gold


We have been together since 100L at Lautech. We also pursue masters together in unilorin. Tunde is super smart and very cool headed.

Olaniyi David


I found my twin brother like so earlier in life around 1999, We built ourselves and light so many candles together. Do not ask this man about Charles Darwin Theory but how he derives advance equations with so many steps skipped. He's Albert Einstein of our time.

Jaji Abdul-Basheer


Jaji and I fell under the same supervisor during our masters. What a very tough period in our lives but we both made it alive! We learned that "life is not meant to be easy" and that made us strong!. May Almighty Allah bless our Mama(Supervisor)

Ajiboye Tolushe


This is another family like friend with too much swaggs. No boring moment around this man. He taught me so many things one of which is how to lavish. He's very industrious and higly intelligent. He's the only one that can encrypt "3k*Wuj"

Isacc Benjamin Oluwasegun


Segun is a friend that has grew to become a brother. He's genuine. He spends most of his time with me. He reasons much like me and we both have the same hubby. He's super smart and very understanding.

Slyman Babatunde


Tunde is an awesome friend. We met in NYSC camp. He's a smart guy. His combination with Tolushe & Zelenke is "Katastrophe". He can sacrifice everything at his possession

Amole Gabriel


Gabriel is a reliable person you can count on when ignominy is getting near. We met in the year 2001 at extra-mural class. We have never had a single argument.

Adedayo Abdul-Afeez


Meet the most ageless among my friends, an academic war-lord. He's the right person to ask about Darwinism. He is one of those that can sacrifice anything for knowledge. A valuable member of our team.

Taiwo Akeem


Akeem is a friend of life we have been friend since childhood. He's a very caring person and a smart entrepreneur.

Adebanjo Adeola


Adeola is a bookworm and a superstar at the kitchen. He will always make sure we eat correct food during our NYSC days. What a very caring guy!

Ramoni Jamiu


Jamiu is an awesome younger brother. He always ready to help in any way he can. I hope he has been seeing light in the aspect where we fight . He's very smart

The Wedding


When I thought of who I want to stand beside me on my wedding day. I knew it had to be all of you. Thank you for being my bridesmaid and most of all for your support and friendship!

Hikmat Salawu

Maid of Honor

Kenny is of excellent character and I rely so much on her honest advice. She is a sweet sister, my personal make-up artist. She always makes sure am looking great whenever I'm going What a great fashion find!

Zainab Salawu


She put me first in everything she does. she always make sure that I'm happy and she's ready to sacrifice anything for me. she is the master planner behind my wedding preparation. I always ask her, "what can I do without You?". My fashion police.

Zainab Amuda


Zainab, my sisters and I are from the same area in Nigeria. We all grew up together and we went to the same Arabic school. though, we all fight and make-up. I was surprised when I saw her at my birthday party. She brought me gifts. I'll forever treasure those memories. it was a fun growing up together.

Ramoni Rasheedat (Jimoh)


During my first visit at their house, She tried to get close to me and welcome me with open arms as if we have met for long time and we were best friends. she made my visit nerve wrecking free.

Maryam Abdulkareem


she is nice and outspoken. Though we have never met before little thing I learned from our interaction, I can vividly say is fun to be with her. she treated me with as if we have been together since childhood. she is very caring, wise and reliable. What a loving and softhearted cousin.

Sukurat Salawu


sometimes I see her in myself in her because every time we're having a general discussion, our opinion are always the same. She is loving and caring.

Bushrah Salawu


She is more knowledgable beyond her age. She is very wise and excellent adviser. I have seen that trait in her right when she is in high school. She has been counseling her friends and classmates till date. she is very good at what she does. she's very honest and sweet.

Rukayat Majolagbe


Rukayat is a nice friend. I cant wait to introduce her to my sisters. Mum's favourite I'm so delighted that you are among my bridesmaids.

Damilola Ajayi


Damilola is sweet and she is God fearing. She is full of life and she always brightens up any room she enters. She is very beautiful, intelligent and reliable. what a loving and caring cousin.

The Wedding


Walk-in to any of this under listed hotels and book your reservation. In case these hotels are out of reservation or any other enquiries call OluwaSegun +2347031550421

Airport (Ilorin)

Nearby Airports

Kwara State Int'l airport - 30mins away

Muritala Int'l airport - 4hours away

Ibadan Airport - 2 hour 15mins away

Noktel Resort Hotel


Walk-in to LSG, Ragaray, Pectoria Guesthouse (Oke-Anu), Noktel Resort Hotel, or Nest Hotel

White Cap Taxi


Update will be posted soon.

The Wedding

Wedding Events

01 Aug
03 pm

The Engament

How beautiful is the day that is touched by love Requesting the honour of your presence at the marriage of Fawziyat Salawu & Wasiu Ramoni

Ogbomoso South LG Hall

03 Aug
11 am

Our Reception

Let's wrap our best wishes and shower the bride and groom with love!

DeVenue Event Center

The Wedding

Gifts Registry

We registered. Yes, we made a couple trips to all these gigantic stores.

At the end of our wish list marathon, we accumulated a good amount of items for you to check out at your leisure.

The Wedding


If you received an invitation, we’d like to plan in advance.
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